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  • The Corvette ZHZ. Hertz has done it again. Exclusively built for Hertz, the Corvette ZHZ brings the mighty Corvette to even higher standards. Sporting a.

    Lot #88 - Only of these Corvette ZHZ's were built by GM for the Hertz Corporation. It has the L V8 with 6-speed paddle shift automatic. It has the.

    by Simona, on June 9, , The first Corvette ZHZs debut this month at Hertz airport locations in major cities including Las Vegas, Los.

    Jack says it's because of that dealer's standing as an accessory distributor for GM. While from the street Bob Hook Chevrolet may look like every other dealership in North America, out back a small Corvette sub-assembly line was cranking out Hertz Corvettes by the hundreds. Top end power was a bit flat" What speed range are you referring to? So, adds Rivera, it's best to contact the Hertz location where you're headed for rates-and availability. Good review thanks for sharing, not sure what the problem was with the high range pull as my really pulls strong in 3rd gear on.

    Another Hertz Corvette ZHZ Bites The Dust - Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle

    Click for Advanced Search. Find All Thanked Posts. Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post. Hey guys and gals, Being a former Z06 owner and longtime Corvette fanatic, I was very eager to spend some quality seat time in a C6 and had a golden opportunity to do so in sunny Las Vegas with the Hertz "fun package" Corvette C6 ZHZ edition.

    This car is essentially a 2LT model that has aftermarket wheels, an optional GM full length rear spoiler, and a distinctive black stripe against the yellow paint.

    It's a 6 speed automatic model and also offers the adjustable suspension and a Hertz supplied navigation system to go along with XM radio. I booked the car about a month ago and was definitely looking forward to having it to myself for a few days, having only driven a C6 Z51 6 speed for about miles previous to this outing. I was planning to be especially critical of how the car compared to my former Z06 because I ultimately sold that car due to gripes about the interior and such I never had a problem with its performance, which I loved.

    Upon arriving at Hertz they treated me well enough, and I did inquire about raising the mileage limit from the allotted mile per day limit.

    The lady checking me in said "all Corvettes are miles per day" in a friendly yet somewhat flat way, but I didn't take no for an answer and requested a manager. He came out, chatted with me a bit and asked how much mileage I needed.

    I mentioned even per day should be adequate but he smiled and approved up to per day after noticing that I lived near a town that he grew up in. So, know that it's possible to get raised limits The driving experience was a bit confusing to me at first, but this was almost exclusively due to the aftermarket navigation system which was barking voice commands at me and ultimately got me lost.

    That, and I was getting phone calls, didn't know where I was going, and trying to navigate out of an unfamiliar rental car garage. Once I was on the open road, everything started to click. First impressions were positive. I really liked the interior of this car compared to my old C5 Z This alone is worth the price of a C6 in my opinion. The throttle response was very good despite the automatic transmission working against me a bit at times, and the brakes felt responsive.

    My particular rental had about miles on it and seemed in very good working order. Although I did scrape the lower chin spoiler a few times on hotel parking lot ramp transitions, I was pleasantly surprised by how infrequently this happened I am sensitive to driving low sports cars too.

    The car was a real joy both in the city on the very busy streets and on the freeway, where I routinely did mph without any fuss. With regard to straightline acceleration, the car felt very good from mph but then felt like it pooped out a bit, in contrast to my old LS6 which seemed to pull quite a bit harder towards redline.

    Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ Burnout in Las Vegas Desert

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