Volkswagen tsi engine problems

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  • Engine failure left VW owners picking up a surprise £6, bill | Money | The Guardian
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  • Engine problems in the Mark 6 Golf CAVD twin charged engines. Between and Volkswagen produced the CAVD Litre TSI.

    The reliability issues are on the old engines (the old T bhp and the twin charge engines) The modern tsi is belt driven and so far.

    He says that when he investigated further, it emerged that failing pulleys are a known problem with the TSI engine. VW has recalled similar.

    Should I get a petrol or diesel engine for driving long distances? But the idea in above posting that VAG is 'taking this issue on the chin' clearly hasn't reached the good VW people of south bucks No problems at all, but it wasn't exactly sprightly!!! Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24

    Reliability of Turbocharged engines, specifically VW TSI hp - UKRCAR.INFO Forums

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    Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Prev of 2 2 Next. HughiusMaximus Original Poster posts 60 months. Evening gents, Currently looking into picking up a 1. I have done a bit of reading around the place and it looks to be a bit of a mixed bag with frequent issues with the timing chain and valves being reported along with some DSG issues.

    I'm conscious that google always brings out the horror stories.. SteBrown91 1, posts 63 months. The reliability issues are on the old engines the old 1. The engines are a nice balanced torquey engine. Given you're talking about the you'll be referencing the ACT model, if you do a search there's a long thread about these that I started 2. For me the main test is would I spend my own money on one, and the answer is a yes.

    Low oil light flashed up a few times when new, just the engine bedding in, tyre pressure lights come on a few times spuriously, all good other than that. I've not heard of any other issues, as mentioned the horror stories are the early 'regular' 1. Thanks for the replies. That has put my mind at ease! AJB88 3, posts months.

    Make sure to give the Leon FR a look too LeoSayer 5, posts months. Oil consumption is around a litre every 10, miles. Fuel economy low is 32mpg from a tank driving around town and 47mpg from a tank out of town. Thanks guys, deposit down, picking it up next week. Its the OH's car.. I'm sure someone will be along to correct me, but I believe as well as the twin charger 1.

    Geoffrey Boycott 38 posts 23 months. Could you link to the Evo article please? Can't seem to find it on the Goggles. Roger 1, posts months. AlwynMike posts 21 months. Four years old now and done nearly miles.

    Thinking 4 years ago on the forums was to nail the car from new hers is the later type engine but sadly, it's been driven gently all its life she doesn't let me drive it alone very often!

    Otherwise it's been faultless. Normally we would have sold it last year, but SWMBO can't see anything else on the market that suits her, so it looks like a keeper!

    All variants of the original timing chain driven 1. But the newer belt driven EA version as per OP's purchase seems much more solid and is also better to drive. JackReacher 1, posts months. No major issues with our Leon ACT, 52k miles now and only problem was a faulty radiator.

    Is Volkswagen Reliability a Problem, or Just Perception? ~ Podcast Episode 16

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