1978 audi 5000

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  • All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Audi (77 kW / PS / hp), edition of the year since mid-year for North America.

    The only thing odd about the Audi was the number of cylinders. Why five? Because Audi wanted the to be a front-wheel drive.

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Choose mileage and options to get your Audi 4 Door Sedan book value and price.

    The third generation Audi , launched in September , had an aerodynamic look, achieving a drag coefficient of 0. The names became an organization, the Audi Victims Network. In North America, where , of the Audi C2s were sold, only five-cylinder engines were available. Audi 5E Australia [14]. The CS Turbo quattro was on that list for through

    Audi - Wikipedia

    While consumers, regulators and the company argue over whether the Audi S has a safety defect, the marketplace is voting with its feet. Auto dealers are using terms like "severe" and "mass hysteria" to describe the plummeting fortunes of the vehicle named by a national car magazine as one of the "10 best cars" in America in Audi of America Inc.

    He said buyer reaction against the automatic-shift S, which has been accused of sometimes accelerating unexpectedly, is affecting other Audi car lines as well.

    Resale values are skidding, too. Sudden acceleration thus could lead to one the biggest automotive image wipeouts since the demise of the air-cooled, rear-engine Chevrolet Corvair in the late s. The Corvair initially won rapid public acceptance but ran into a storm of criticism over handling problems that, some critics charged, could cause rollovers in certain turns.

    Corvair sales plunged, and by GM had scrapped the car. Audi officials nervously predict that the automatic Audi S will survive its current difficulties. But they concede that growing public concern, fed by media coverage such as a recent "60 Minutes" report on CBS, could bury the sleek, once-prestigious model line before its time.

    Yeah, it's hurting sales. People are just not coming in for the Audi S automatics. They're coming in for the Audi series and the Audi Quattro, but they're not looking at the s at all.

    Bad publicity is "really affecting all Audi sales," he added, "and if it's affecting sales, well, naturally, it's going to affect resale value. I can't totally blame the buying public. I mean, would you go out and buy a refrigerator or some other appliance if someone told you that it was going to break down, explode or something? The problem is, if there is such a thing, finding it and fixing it, solving the problem and relieving people's anxiety.

    Right now, yeah, there is a lot of hysteria out there. That's the only way I can describe it. Sudden acceleration can occur when the driver of an automatic-shift car moves the shift stick from Affected Audi models include an estimated , front-wheel-drive S automatics manufactured for the through model years.

    Front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive cars equipped with computerized, fuel-injected engines often are cited in reports of sudden acceleration.

    Most of those cars have automatic transmissions -- which are called "transaxles" in the front-wheel-drive versions. Affected Audi models include an estimated , front-wheel-drive S automatics manufactured for the through model years. But according to records at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly every major auto maker doing business in the United States has received complaints of sudden acceleration.

    Audi 5000 1979 TV commercial

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