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  • Bugatti 18/3 Chiron: Concept We Forgot. Bugatti Chiron showcar and Vision Gran Turismo concept sold to Saudi prince. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept looks mean in live shots from Frankfurt.

    Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann on: mph, new cars and the Chiron. As offices go, Chateau Saint-Jean, in Molsheim, the birthplace of Bugatti, is hard to.

    According to Bugatti's CEO, big displacement will make way for hybrid powertrains for the company's More From Future Cars & Spy Shots.

    No decision has been taken yet. I would love to; if someone has an idea they should come to me! But he also made the Atlantic, he made the Royale. And for me, top speed is not paramount to the success of Bugatti.

    Bugatti CEO Hints At Future Models, Says "There Will Be More" | Carscoops

    The stunning building is flanked by two coach houses: The Atelier itself is built in the shape of the iconic Bugatti macaron logo and houses three chassis assembly bays and one recently updated rolling road.

    It had to be rebuilt after the first full-power test of the Chiron blew the electrics on its predecessor and turned the lights out in this part of Alsace. With more than of the Chirons now sold and two potential owners spending time in Remise Sud specifying theirs during our visit, the brand is clearly in rude health.

    But we did not have the brand image of Bugatti. We had cars but were lacking the image. Here at Bugatti, we have a very strong brand, but only one product. In addition, that product is strictly limited to units, which is very good for our customers but presents a challenge to an entrepreneur or a company that wants to run a solid business.

    We will stick to the coupe. I want to keep the Chiron as pure as possible. How important is top speed to you? And for me, top speed is not paramount to the success of Bugatti. Someone will always be chasing you. If you want to enter this game, that may be OK, but it is not my top priority.

    This was a car which completed the golden triangle: After 40 years of a flatline for the brand, to have a jump-start like this is incredible. When Ettore Bugatti founded the company, here in Molsheim, he wanted to make exclusive sports cars and then he ran the business by doing very different things.

    He produced what we would call Formula cars, which could easily be converted into road cars. The T35 is the most iconic example. But he also made the Atlantic, he made the Royale. Speculation about a second line in the Bugatti family has kept the internet busy since the rebirth of the brand.

    No decision has been taken yet. Bugatti could make more than one car, this is certain. We are looking very carefully at body styles, at segments, regions, pricing and our customer base. Our customer base, although it is perfect, is very limited. If we decided to build another model, it would not be an alternative to the Chiron.

    In the meantime, our guess is that, by taking the Lamborghini model and applying it to Bugatti, there will be a limited series of a more extreme version of the Chiron in the near future. Something to excite people and the world. It would need to be different… but would also have to be immediately recognisable as a Bugatti. It would have to feature three things: Quite how you decide on a price for such a car, or how many to make, is beyond TG maths and hugely dependent on the scale of the transformation.

    Over the course of the next few hours, as we wander around the grounds of the most stunning car production plant in the world, our conversation wanders from autonomy: The Chiron is not a racing car. I would love to; if someone has an idea they should come to me! This engine has been a unique attribute, the iconic heart of a modern Bugatti that makes it so special to our customers.

    Bugatti T99 Street Jet Racing Car Concept

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