Toyota 86 issues

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  • Any problems with the Toyota 86?? - Toyota - Automotive
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  • Only some minor issues which were fixed under the 5 year warranty. If you are thinking of buying a GT 86 stop wasting time and go and buy one NOW!!!.

    Some of our cars are coming up to four years old now so I just wondered if there are any known/common issues we should be looking out for?.

    The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ may be two of the most desirable cars on the market, but some owners claim to be experiencing engine issues.

    Even the fact it's built by Subaru shouldn't raise any eyebrows - they're a very reliable brand. A car with a lot of history for dependable reliability. Downside is the torque dip on 3rd gear but this can be fixed with a custom tune. Thanks for all the input.

    Engine problems for Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ

    Please refresh the page and retry. And emphasis on handling makes this one of the most compelling cars for enthusiasts, provided said enthusiasts are happy to compromise on almost everything else. It was never meant to be particularly fast or powerful. With just shy of bhp, it's got less oomph than a top-spec family estate and will be comfortably beaten by the latest generation of hot hatches.

    Instead of outright brawn, the GT86 brings playful driving that is to say, sliding the back end around and generally being a bit of a hooligan to well within the speed limit. It sets out to deliver a pure, affordable, rewarding driving experience, and largely succeeds. W hy, then, has Toyota only sold around 5, of them? W e should probably start on the inside as we try to answer that question.

    The driver and passenger have reasonable legroom and elbow room, but the roof is low and so head space is constrained. Combined with the gloomy black interior and you end up with a slightly cramped-feeling cabin.

    Those low, firm bucket seats offer support under enthusiastic cornering conditions, but give little by way of comfort on longer journeys. The low roofline is a little oppressive for taller drivers and while the door frame is generously padded, you can still expect to make contact with it on a regular basis. With suspension optimised for going around bends rather than going over bumps, the GT86 is a tiring car to drive in town, on motorways and in the countryside.

    The fantastically communicative chassis does an annoyingly good job of conveying the minutiae of the road surface, directly into your coccyx.

    Big orange LCD readouts look like something from a lates action film, even though they only tell you the dual-zone air conditioning temperatures for you and your passenger. Chunky switches control all the other functions and the various dials and nobs, while plasticky, have a pleasing enough weight to them.

    The whole thing has the feel of a well-built toy. The sat nav functions are weak, but most frustrating is the slowness with which it operates. Changing the radio station can be a tricky task and the small buttons on the screen make it hard to use on the move, especially considering how much the GT86 bumps around.

    The infotainment system of the GT86 was never meant to be the focal point, but the lacklustre radio does make you wonder what compromises you're happy to make for the sake of driving purity.

    The sound system produces a weak, tinny sound with lots of distortion, especially at its highest setting of 63 weird which you'll crank it up to on the motorway. T hen there's the other tech. And like most modern cars, the GT86 has systems that improve stability, maximise braking force and counteract skids. These are very easy to switch off. T he GT86 is a very low car, an attribute which puts you at a disadvantage in some real-world driving situations. The A-pillars are quite girthy too, which is a distraction regardless of which direction you're going in.


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