Tesla 500 mile range

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  • Fisker's Battery Breakthrough Claim: Miles Range, 1-Minute Charging - Tesla Motors Club
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  • Jun 27, Elon Musk is planning a mile Tesla pick-up truck space for batteries' than a conventional car, he would aim for a ' mile [range]'.

    But for me to really see a crap load of old foggies in teslas taking There is the 2 % who thinks they need miles of range every day, but that.

    Mar 22, On typical 6 kiloWatt AC charging, the mile range electric car will My one time talking with JB Straubl, Tesla Motors CTO, I asked him.

    But I have found Charge Point unreliable and they don't stand behind the chargers because they don't own them. I mean unless you are a trust funder i guess. Especially if you have say a 6 year old in the car. I completely agree with reed-lewis. Fisker, the company behind a luxury electric vehicle dubbed the EMotion, said today that it is pursuing patents for a battery technology breakthrough that will give cars a plus mile range and one-minute recharging times.

    Why we won't see a mile Tesla battery anytime soon

    For those of us who would like to have more distance what upgrade battery would you choose if Tesla were to offer them? How much would be a fair price to pay for it? Do not need it personally. My miles on my 75 D is more than adequate for any trip I take. If I travel further, I fly and rent a car. I completely agree with reed-lewis. Enough to always be able to skip a supercharger. In planning an upcoming trip, I read too many posts on plugshare about superchargers being totally iced when they are in the small parking lots of hotels or restaurants.

    I know there is always stuff around town ChadeMO, Level 2 , but when traveling they are too slow. I'd like to always be able to continue on to the next SC. And as in the case of Birmingham a few months ago , sometimes SCs go down for a while. That's the only reason I need more than what I have now on the 75D. Every trip we've taken has been a dream with all SCs working and plenty of spaces. If Tesla truly doubles the number of SC locations this year, maybe this problem will go away, so never mind.

    I have an ICE that will do between miles right now. I just traded a S85D for a SD. I would think the mile would be enough although I'm sure I would buy the mile if offered.

    A 75D in the winter in 15 degree temps. If you live in an area without many superchargers this means you could only go about 70 miles away from home if you want to get back home. And many areas do not have superchargers yet. I know I live in one of those areas.

    Many people won't buy until we are more on par with the range of an ICE. I know the smaller range is fine for some people but I believe there will be many many more people buy a Tesla if the range is more on par with an ICE and reasonably price.

    And what I and many others now own is not reasonably priced to the masses. People don't want to be inconvenienced for charging if a supercharger is available in their area or have to worry about range anxiety. If charged at home every day then it is fine for daily commute to work. If traveling somewhere non-usual route it give range anxiety. Then there are cases when SC is closed Buttonwillow? CA last week, Fremont SC today it is a gamble to drive on half-full battery.

    This was a very close call to towing service. Why would it take 1. Also allow to skip broken supercharger during roadtrip, and skip to the next one.

    For a person who drives miles a day, I am extremely happy with my P85's range after four years. So, I don't think I would go for more, although it is tempting to go higher. Most of the trips I often do are 1 supercharger stop in my S85 - that stop would no longer be necessary, through I might make one stop anyway - but not have to wait for any specific amount of charge and would not have to be at a supercharger.

    Longer trips would be much more comparable to ICE than my current mile S I would still stop every miles or so, but adding miles would take 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes.

    What's the real range of the Tesla Model S

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