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  • 4 Compelling Reasons to Consider Leasing Your Next Subaru
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  • Shop Subaru Impreza deals to find the special offer that's right for you. Choose from Impreza lease deals, finance deals and dealership sales-event specials.

    Leasing a new Subaru Impreza has never been easier. You pick the Subaru Impreza you want - we'll find the best financing and deliver to your home .

    Find the best Subaru Impreza lease deals on Edmunds. Lease a Subaru Impreza using current special offers, deals, and more. Learn about leasing offers.

    Exceptions include the popular Crosstrek and all-new Ascent, which are both still stuck at 3. New to our site? Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link. AAA If you don't mind higher monthly payments, Prefer to build up some trade-in or resale value equity Like the idea of having ownership of your car, Prefer paying off your loan and being Debt-Free for a while You don't mind paying cost of repairs after warranty has expired Drive more than average miles Prefer to drive your cars for years to spread out the cost Like to customize your cars Expect lifestyle changes in the near future Don't like the risk of possible lease-end charge. You may also be required to pay bank fees that you don't pay when you buy.

    Best Subaru Deals & Lease Offers: October - CarsDirect

    You have found a Subaru vehicle you love. You have done your research, passed Keene State College a few times on your way to our dealership for test drives, and you have spoken with members of our team about your purchasing decision. The research phase of the process is over -- you have found the vehicle you want. Then it's onto the next step: This is a question we get often here at Subaru of Keene, and we tell everyone the same thing: There is no objective answer to that question.

    Every driver is different and every person wants to pursue driving in a different fashion. Below, you will find a buying vs.

    With this information, you can come to our financing team confidently. However, if you still have questions about the process after reading this, don't worry! That is why our team is here -- to help you in any way we can. Every member of our team of automotive, finance, and servicing experts are here to walk you through the process of paying for, and maintaining a vehicle.

    Bring all of your questions, and our team will walk you through, step by step, the answers to them. Our goal is to make you more comfortable, and more confident, in your purchasing decision! We cannot say it enough -- if you need any help in the purchasing process, from research, to financing, to service, please visit us at Subaru of Keene in Keene, NH. We are conveniently located right outside of town, just a short distance from Keene State College, and right near a variety of restaurants!

    Questions to Ask Yourself: Is having a new vehicle every three or four years with no major repair risks more important than long-term cost? Is having some ownership in your vehicle more important than low up-front costs and no down payment?

    Is it important that you pay off your vehicle and be debt-free for a while, even if it means higher monthly payments for the first few years and higher maintenance costs in the car's older years? So we find out that making a lease-or-buy decision is not quite cut and dry. There are some things you need to consider. Let's take a look at some of these things now.

    Buying and Leasing Are Different. When you buy, you pay for the entire cost of a vehicle, regardless of how many miles you drive it. You typically make a down payment, pay sales taxes in cash or roll them into your loan, and pay an interest rate determined by your loan company, based on your credit history.

    You make your first payment a month after you sign your contract. Later, you may decide to sell or trade the vehicle for its depreciated resale value. In reality, at the end of the typical five-six year loan period you may well own the car, but chances are you really wanted to trade it in a year ago or earlier. Since this is a depreciating asset, it loses value over time with some makes and models depreciating faster than others. So, the car you now own and don't really want and isn't worth very much when you try to trade it in.

    However, pride of ownership is important to many consumers; others just want to drive a vehicle till it falls apart! When you lease, you pay only a portion of a vehicle's cost, which is the part that you "use up" during the time you're driving it.

    Leasing vs Financing a Car: Why I Leased My 2018 Subaru WRX STI

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