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  • They're the cars that every boy has on his wall – classic Ferraris command extremely high prices. Here are the 10 most expensive in history.

    For reference, it takes over $12 million to crack the top 20 most expensive Ferrari list whereas only one Porsche has ever sold for more than.

    A Ferrari became the most expensive car ever sold at auction, fetching $ million over the weekend. The car, a Ferrari GTO, was.

    This Ferrari too is designed purely for racing. Archived from the original on The prototype auctioned for more than 16 million dollars. Be sure to follow us to be always updated about the most expensive Ferrari cars in the world. Estate Need the ultimate combination of space and room?

    Top 5 Most Expensive Ferraris in the World - Catawiki

    That prancing horse on a yellow badge is instantly recognizable by young and old everywhere. It is more than just a brand.

    We are at the top end of the car buying world. These Ferrari models are expensive. Really, really, really expensive. I mean just insanely expensive. You cannot afford these cars. This is the rarified level only the richest people in the world can hope to participate in.

    When you look at the list of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction, a staggering number of them are Ferraris. There is no other marquee with anywhere near that kind of firepower. The numbers are simply eye-watering. We grew up following Ferrari during its Formula 1 dominance in the Michael Schumacher era or maybe some of us are even old enough to remember wanting Magnum P.

    For the youngsters it is cars like the and LaFerrari that struck a chord. But Ferrari history goes way further back than that. Ever since Enzo Ferrari founded this Italian car manufacturing company back in , Ferrari has produced some of the best racing cars, sports prototypes and road cars on the planet. It takes that pedigree and history for a car to make this list.

    History matters with these cars and the story behind them drives valuation. Ferrari GTOs are considered the biggest trophies in the car-collecting world for their rarity, power, beauty and success on the race track. That car one of only 36 that were made won the famed Tour de France race and came in fourth at Le Mans. The auction house predicts the vehicle is the most valuable motor car ever offered at auction. So here you are, the most expensive Ferraris ever sold.

    Equipped with a 3. The car reaches a top speed of mph and goes mph in 6. It may not be the fastest car out there, but it is certainly the most valuable car in the world.

    The beast is equipped with a 4. Adding to its value is the fact that it was driven by some of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time including Mike Hawthorne and Stirling Moss.

    The car has had a very long and storied racing career and has never been involved in a crash. Spider is one of the rarest and most valuable ever made. It can reach speeds of mph and can go mph in 5. How did it managed to worth that much? Well, if you happen to have a car that combines vintage, rarity, and prestige like this then you better put it up on auction and expect to earn a lot from it!

    The first of only five examples of this 4. The 23rd of only 32 examples produced; considered one of the very best in existence. Successfully and frequently campaigned by Ron Fry, David Skailes, and Jack Maurice throughout England, with countless 1st place finishes.

    Top 7 RAREST & Most EXPENSIVE FERRARI Supercars (Billionaire can't Buy)

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